Grand Teton, WY

A drive of less than 100 miles south of Yellowstone and we arrived at yet another majestic spot: the Grand Teton National Park. A friend gave us the coordinates of a designated boondoking area that overlooks the Teton mountain range, the mountains of the imagination.

Unfortunately, none of the spots along the 7 mile designated area provided a clear view of the sky that we needed to connect and work from the road. With only a couple of hours before it got dark, we decided to turn around and keep driving south towars Utah.

As we got back to the entrance, we decided to take another look at a site we had already seen when we arrived, and after walking around the place, we found a view beyond comparison: the snake river in the valley to the south, a clear view of the Grand Teton range to the west, and a clear view of the northern sky to get a solid connection to the StarLink network! 

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