The Badlands, SD

After 692 miles and 12 hours on the road (with one over-night stop to rest and avoid 30 mph winds!), we finally arrived to the Badlands of South Dakota, and the only word that comes to mind is EPIC! 

We are parked at the edge of what is called “the rim”, the section at the top of the wall that raises from the valley and overlooks the park. From our position, sitting as close to the edge as possible, we have a 180 degree vantage point of the entire valley… miles of beautiful land as far as the eye can see. At the bottom of this ledge, the formations that resulted from millions of years of erosion.

Rest assured, pictures don’t do this National Park justice. This is the kind of place that has to be experienced in person. It is simply epic and we plan to stay here for a couple of days basking in its beauty.

As of 4:30PM EST (2:30 MST), the temperature is in the 70s with a wonderful breeze. We can only hear the wind. No generators yet, but we’ll see what happens later tonight. If we hear any, we’ll turn on ours to make sure our systems are fully charged. If we don’t, the next two days should be handled by our battery.

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