Cuyahoga Valley, OH

Without a doubt, our visit to Cuyahoga needed to be longer than a day to fully grasp all the beauty this National Park has to offer. The other thing that is certain is that, no matter where we go, we are alway missing a piece of equipment that would make all the difference… and at Cuyahoga Valley, bringing our bikes would have made our visit so much better.

With lots of beautiful trails to follow, a pair of good hiking shoes, a day pack, and a bike are simply a must and we’ll be sure to bring them next time around, because we will definitely have to come back. It is also worth noting that Cuyahoga doesn’t allow camping of any kind, and we had to leave at the end of they day to find a place to boondock. Lucky for us, the Ohio Turnpike has some of the best service plazas I’ve seen in my travels through the U.S., with parking facilities for RV’s that incllude electricity, water, and even a dump station.