Canyonlands, UT

There are simply no words to describe this awe-inspiring place. We came to Canyonlands right after battleing the crowds and the heat (121 degress at oe point) in Arches, and it simply took our breath away! After seeing the landsacape and the beauty of its mesa arch, we both agreed that Arches may be a little over-rated. Not that Arches isn’t truly spectacular, but after having to register just to get a timeslot to enter the park and fighting the crowds to get a photo (not to mention the blistering heat), Canyonlads quickly moved to the top of our list.

It also helped that Canyonlands has a truly beautiful Island in the Sky campground that lives up to its name: when you have a chance to take a look from the campground’s rim, you feel like you are on an island at top of the worlld.

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