Dressed and Unafraid

We joke about this all the time we watch an episode of the survival series Naked and Afraid delivered by Bio.com on cable TV. You wonder how afraid you can be when you have a few people following you around and clearly have access to emergency assistance.

I must admit, I wouldn’t dare it. However, it helped us decide to take ourselves back into roughing out, dressed and unafraid but definitely a challenge that pushes you to the exhaustion point (yes, that is what exhaustion looks like after a two mile hike in the mountains of the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia carrying a 30 pound pack!)

Well, as wild as we can get since we like to travel with all kinds of gadgets, phone, tablet, camera, etc. You would think that the worse case scenario would be a dead battery or not having signal to send out a photo to twitter or Instagram. Ha!

Seriously, we prefer to enjoy nature and tweet out or blog later. So this is for all of you brave nature AND tech lovers, share what you can but don’t let technology stop you from soaking in the beauty, and if you capture a great image… by all means, do share!