Deer Mountain Campground, NH

We were looking for a rustic and secluded environment and we found it. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, and streams just a few miles from the Canadian border is this beautiful state-run campground, clean, well kept, and naturally beautiful. Take a look at our video clip, this is site #26.

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  1. Mike Berry

    Nice video! I remember meeting you two up there in summer 2013, you may remember a guy in a Porsche? That was me. Do you like #23 the best? I used #28 last summer, that was fun.



      Hi Mike, thanks for visiting our blog. I happen to like #28 the best. We hope to visit NH again but will probably go to Lake Francis instead. We are now traveling around with an RV so it will be difficult to make it back there. Enjoy your travels.

      1. Tim

        Hi there. My wife and I are staying at site #28 in a few weeks. I can’t find too much info out about a few minor details. Would be grateful if you see this and can answer. At the site, is there any type of picnic table? Didn’t look like it. Was there any chance to drive up the trail to unload? I have a jeep wrangler that can get up most trails and we are staying for a week.

        it looks pretty secluded ?

        thanks !!

        1. SOYLAMAR

          HI, Thanks for writing…I hope you get this information before you book.

          YES! it looks pretty secluded but it’s really not, the other sites were not occupied so you don’t see anyone around. The sites are really good size so you have space, trees, and some privacy. You get picnic tables and fire rings. (Note: there are only portable toilets and as you might expect are not always in ideal condition)

          If you check the campground map you see that you can drive up to the site. for #26 you park on the unpaved roadside and walk in and for #28 you need to park and hike about a 1/4 mile trail to the site, you cannot drive up but we noticed there is a dirt service road that might allow you to get closer to the site. check the map.

          I hope you enjoy your trip, we really loved it.


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