An Unexpected Blessing

Everyone that knows me knows that one of my favorite cliches is “the more I know about people, the more I love my dogs”, and after 2016 and a year as a trustee of a very dysfunctional non-profit, that cliche has taken a deeper meaning. Yet every once in while someone comes along that reminds me there are still a lot of wonderful people left in this world. That is exactly what happened as we sat around our rig in Chingoteague Island and we saw a couple backing up into their site.

It turns out they were RVing for the very first time, and Frank asked me if he should open the valves to the gray and black water tanks or leave them closed. Little did I know that sharing a bit of knowledge would lead to other conversations, a campfire, and the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Here we are, two months later, boondocking at their beautiful property where for two days they taught us to play “golf” (a great game of cards), shared on their plans to buy and RV to travel across this beautiful country (and live in it fultime!), and more importantly, redefined the true meaning of kindness and friendship… something that these days is difficult to find.

Thank you Frank and SallyAnn, for opening the doors to your heart and your beautiful home. We look forward to seeing you again soon.