Tent Sweet Tent

We spent a fair amount of time looking for a home away from home. You may have to decide on your priorities in advance to narrow your search. We visited retailer and brand manufacturer websites, and then paid a visit to several local stores, including Dick’s Sporting Goods and REI.

We evaluated our options using the following criteria:
  • Size: Big enough to sleep 2 and puppy comfortably
  • Weight: Lightweight, 5-6 pounds to carry in our backpacks
  • Comfort: Easy to set up and pack up, good height, free-standing, vestibule, etc.
  • Quality: Tub floor, waterproof, full fly cover, aluminum poles
  • Price: Below $100.00 USD (not easy to do for a quality tent)

After several hours of reading reviews and a few visits to the stores, which included dragging Zorro to the same location more than once, we found a great option at the perfect price: $97.00 on sale!

The KÖPPEN® Hamr 3 Person tent is big enough for us to keep Baron and gear inside. It is roomy and comfortable indeed. Some of the extras we liked include a fully covered vestibule, light aluminum poles, and a couple of cargo bags inside, weighs is right at 5 pounds. Zorro was able to set it and pack it back into its carry bag in a few minutes.

This preview gives it four paws and a wagging tail from Baron. Stay tuned for a full review after we venture out into the wild!

Review Update from Zorro:

After taking this beautiful tent up to the Shenandoah Mountains, we agreed this is a well constructed and very beautiful piece of equipment. I was able to set it up in less than 5 minutes, and take it down and pack it in less than 10… although it did take two attempts to roll the tent tight enough to fit into its bag after we took it down at our second campground: a site at a slight incline with a lot of shrubs and a few rocks, not the easiest place for packing or unpacking.

The other downside of the tent is its size. While it is advertised as a 3 person tent, we seriously doubt 3 grown ups would fit in comfortably. It should be noted that we were using KÖPPEN® air mattresses (a definite must for serious multiy-day hiking and one item that will get its own review in a different post) and after we put two of them in the tent, there was very little room in-between for anything else. The tent is long enough to fit our puppy at either end, and the vestibule large enough to store our gear when the rainfly is up.

We did not have a chance to test is impermeability so we will have to take another trip to do it. That said, the tent retains its four paws and wagging tail from Baron. Stay tunned for additional information.

Update from Soylamar:

After taking the  KÖPPEN® with us to the Northern New Hampshire, we can say without hesitation that it is strong and impermeable. We spent three days and nights under the rain, one night we had a heavy downpour and it kept us dry and comfortable inside. The KÖPPEN® is made for stormy weather.