RVing Step 4. Prepare

While it’s true that no amount of preparation will guarantee that you’ll hit the road without a glitch, we have found that the more we prepared the less afraid we felt. In addition, it gave us the opportunity to adjust expectations, for example: all the stuff we thought we needed on the road, has been reduced to a few boxes; and the prospects of working from the road forced us to find alternative digital storage, virtual private servers, and practical solutions to address connectivity solutions.  Although we are not going full time, the exercise of shedding excess stuff has proven to be extremely beneficial.

We have found that working with a timeline prevented a cancelation and working with a budget kept us focused on what we could comfortably afford. Here is a list of DOs and DON’Ts we discovered in this phase, we share them with you with the hope that others may find them useful. If you have your own tips, add them under comments.  Thanks for reading and sharing 🙂

Soylamar Nomads En Route