RVing Step 3. Shop

We didn’t know what we wanted but we had two starting points: We wanted a new unit and had an initial budget of $10K to $20K. We quickly found out that a new unit can run for a lot more. Our all time favorite, the Airstream, for example has a price tag of $45,000+ for the smallest unit (16 ft). We did some shopping around online and offline. We started with the teardrop, remember we have been tenting up to this point, but the more we shopped the more items we added to our wish list and the ideal home/office on wheels became more and more complex. Above is a quick view of our process and our final choice.

Our final selection passed a couple of tests, we waited and looked at other brands/models and came back to it a few months later, we still wanted to buy it. It stood the test of time. We got feedback from real RVers, some of them full-timers, who are currently using these travel trailers and the reviews were very good. Our friends at RVillage.com helped us tremendously. The next step was to place an order and this required a little more time for our savings to increase, the price to drop, and/or qualify for a loan to bridge the gap. In any case, we took the plunge in the spring of 2015.