RVing Step 2. Research

Without a doubt, research can be time consuming but it cannot be rushed. It began over a year ago as Zorro and I planned a hiking trip and I was trying to figure out which National Park was in both of our bucket lists. I stumbled up on Gone with the Wynns and couldn’t stop reading their blog. The fact that other professionals have found a way, taking the time to start a trail that we can follow, was truly amazing to me. Even more so because they are generously sharing the lessons of their journeys with us, RV Wannabes.  I read and watched some videos from Technomadia where I found additional resources. I ordered their ebooks “No Excuses: Go Nomadic” and the “Mobile Internet Resource Guide” and the learning continued.

We really didn’t know anything about RVs. Remember, we have been tenting for years. So part of our research was finding out about brands, how RVs are built, visiting dealers, attending RV expos, reading reviews, checking out online advertisements and investigating pricing and purchase options.

Fear of the unknown diminishes as you educate yourself about the challenges that may lay ahead. I hopped from blog to blog, online magazines and websites to learn about the pros and cons. There is one virtual community I found most helpful: RVillage this is a social platform for RVers that offered more opportunities to interact with full time RVers. Their every day experiences have taught me more that I expected. It also gave us courage and inspiration.

To all a BIG thank you! with the hopes that I will have the chance to thank you in person and share a campfire.


Reina -NomadsEnRoute.com