Mary’s Rock – Shenandoah Mountains

Sitting at the top of the mountain, Mary’s Rock offers breathtaking views of the Shenandoah valley of West Virginia. Getting there, however, requires  determination and a sense of humility. Determination to overcome the rough and steep climb; humility to accept the weakness and pain you are bound to feel with each step.  We accessed the Appalachian Trail from Thorton Gap and made our way up to Birds Nest where we spent the night. This section of the Appalachian Trail may seem easy but it may take double the time and effort because of the ups and downs of the terrain. Zorro’s earlier post “A Reality Check” gets into the details of our experience.

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  1. caroline


    I found you from RVillage. So excited to see this post on here. We are currently in Charleston [a favorite of ours]. But I’m originally from Front Royal Va– the Shenandoah valley is my home and its so nice to see it again, even if its digital.

    Also… not sure where your husband is from but I see he is named OScar [my husband’s name]. He’s from Guatemala so I’m on my way to check out those posts! Just stopping in and saying hi0 couldn’t help pointing out our similarities!

    1. ZORRO

      Hi Carolina,

      So glad to see you stumbled upon our blog! Though we live in northern New Jersey, I spent over two decades in the DC metro area and I still have family in both Washington and Fredericksburg.

      Indeed we share a lot of similarities: we love the Sheenandoah mountains and I was born and raised in Guatemala. What part of Guatemala is “mi tocayo” from?

      Who knows, what of these days we may be able to find each other in RVillage or “En Route”. In the meantime, keep in touch. We’d love to hear from you again.


      Hi Caroline, Thanks for checking out our blog. So glad you got a glimpse of your beautiful home valley.
      We do have a lot of similarities, Oscar is also Chapin HA! what are the odds! It’s great that we connected through RVillage and it would be nice if you also join the Nomadas Latinos group… it’s pretty lonely there 🙂

      Hope we share a campfire somewhere down the road!


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