An Awe-Inspiring Bridge!

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Ever since Curtis decided to gather all the RVillagers in one place, we get behind the wheel and drive to connect with other like-minded spirits. After another harsh winter in New Jersey, it is time to head down to Florida…

Winter Wonderland

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When you love nature and RVing as much as we do, 12 degrees and an inch or two of snow on the ground are just numbers!

Buttermilk Falls Hike 2

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The hike and the view from the top of Buttermilk Falls is so breath-taking, we had to come back, this time around with the entire Chapulines crew: Evelina, Susan, Reina, Luz Elena, Gonzalo and newcomers Jaime and his wife!

Buttermilk Falls – Hike 1

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A breath-taking view and equally breath-taking (literally) hike up Buttermilk Falls, at the Delaware Gap park. And in case you are wondering, that is our friend Gonzalo in the blue shirt... going up the falls through the rocks, not the…

Leave No Trace Teaching the next generation to love and respect nature.

Lackner Trail

Baruch Spinoza used to say that if you can't find God in the eyes of a child or the beauty of nature, you would never find it in a book. As I spend the afternoon hiking with my grandson, I…