I don’t know about these two! They keep talking about a “hike through” the Appalachian Trail and last time I looked it up, it was over 2000 miles, parts in treacherous terrain! Though having nature at my beckon call sounds like a lot of fun, I am hoping Soylamar decides to do only the easiest sections. I am not sure I want to tackle the White Mountains in New Hampshire… and I’d be perfectly content being part of the “Support Team” for Zorro. Who knows, he may just be crazy enough to pull it off.

My masters have some crazy ideas but this one takes the cake and I have the feeling I may not have a choice. It is in their bucket list and I am sure it will become part of mine as well (though not by choice, mind you.) If that is the case, I hope they don’t expect me to carry my own water!

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